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FileMaker Custom Software
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Who We Are

SeedCode has been building custom software for over twenty years and has launched a series of products to help developers add elegant behaviors to their projects.

Building for developers led us to create products that fit into your workflows, which are well-documented and extendable: customers take what we’ve built and run with it. We bring that same ethic to our custom projects, collaborating with stakeholders and developers to deploy sophisticated tools for scheduling, routing, and project planning.

Some of these projects extend DayBack Calendar, and some are brand-new custom apps. They range from small interventions to help developers cross a technical hurdle to multi-year continuous-improvement projects for companies whose software IS their differentiator.

DayBack Calendar

A scriptable scheduling platform for field service, healthcare, sales, and creative teams

See the Big Picture

Make decisions in the context of your commitments by bringing all your calendar sources together in one view.

Resource Scheduling

Find gaps in your schedule and meet deadlines without burning out your team.

Designed to be Customized

Run your own code alongside any calendar behavior. Add the color, icons, and custom fields you need to understand your schedule at a glance.


FileMaker Consulting

Consulting & Design

We design and support software in finance, medicine, and manufacturing for customers whose software IS their business. On small projects or multi-year engagements, our agile team delivers our work in small chunks so we don’t outrun our understanding of your requirements.

FileMaker Consulting and Scheduling

Custom Scheduling Workflows

In addition to the DayBack customizations we’ve published, we create custom behaviors and displays for our customers. DayBack is designed to be customized, making it a platform for process innovation and automation.


Claris Consulting

DayBack Implementations

Sometimes, a customer won’t have the time to do things themselves or tackle something further outside their comfort zone. We offer implementation packages so folks can have us deploy something a little more technical before they continue work on their own.

FileMaker Consulting

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DayBack Calendar

Want More?

Find more calendar-specific content on the DayBack blog along with code for popular customizations.

The Latest from SeedCode

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