For detailed step by step instructions for adding BackMagic to your solution, see Add BM to your File.


BackMagic (BM) requires FileMaker 8.5, 5 custom functions, one unstored calc, and one script. You don't have to script your navigation in any way: users can navigate using the status area, using GoToRelatedRecord, list view, table view, etc.

FileMaker Requirements

BM needs FileMaker 8.5v1 or greater. Note that you can use BM in FileMaker 8.0v3 without the ability to go back to tab names. Simply remove the FrontTabName components from what follows and from the instructions to Add BM to Your File.

5 Custom Functions

BM consists of 5 custom functions:

SeedCode_GetValue SeedCode_FrontTabName SeedCode_BackMagic_LayoutState SeedCode_BackMagic_Log SeedCode_BackMagic

1 Field

In order to use BM you'll create one unstored calculation field in each of your table. Or, if you're using the separation model you'll create this field in some table in your interface file. The field is:

1 Script

BM requires 1 script-- "Back FWD ( Direction )" -- which you can copy and paste into your file without modification.


Though not really a requirement for using BM, you'll likely want four global container fields holding the green and grey arrows used in BackMagic's display. Again, you can copy these fields and their contents from the BackMagic Demo or grab them from our instructions on how to add BM to your file.

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