How are the Mini Calendars Formatted?

Applicable Versions: Free, Full, Pro.

The mini calendars on both the day view and the year view (Pro Version only) use the same background images that the month view does. However, these images are cropped differently on the mini calendar so that a different portion of each image is displayed. While on the month view we crop the images flush left/right, on the mini calendars we crop them left/bottom. This stops us from having to use separate images for the mini calendars.

A few other notes...

In the Free Version, there is only one mini calendar visible. This calendar is a portal onto the same 6 records which make up the regular month view of the calendar. In the Pro Version, however, the three mini calendars on the day view show records from the Days table; this is the same table used to populate the Year view. Each of the three mini calendars use the same relationship: they simply start with different rows for each of the 3 mini calendars. The month name above each mini calendar is actually the 7th day of the first week of each calendar. This field is formatted to show the full month name and the year and is inside a 1 row portal starting at the same row as the month below it. Again, this technique allows us to draw the mini calendars without any extraneous formatting calcs.

The blue dot indicating the presence of an appointment (Full and Pro Versions only) is the PrimeIDX (the serial number) from the appointment. This field is formatted as Boolean so than nonzero values show up as a bullet character, In this way we can have a graphic indicator without creating another field for it. Note that these blue dots respect the calendar's filters.

Another example of this economy of fields can be seen on the Daily View where a tilde appears between the start and end times only if there is an end time. This tilde is actually another instance of the end time field itself formatted to show a leading tilde in place of am or pm.

What are those Blue Dots on the Mini Calendars?

Applicable Versions: Full, Pro.

A blue dot in the upper right hand corner of a day indicates that there is at least one appointment for that day. These blue dots respect the filters criteria, so they really mean that there is at least one appointment for that day which matches your current filter criteria.

Note that you also have a blue dot in the upper right hand corner of an appointment’s title (on the Daily view) if that appointment has any notes written about it. (These indicators are red in the Full version of the calendar.) Similarly, in the Pro Version you’ll see a blue dot to the right of To-Do list items which have additional notes on them.

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