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CCCalendar: VersionHistory

What is the Latest Version of CC Calendar for FileMaker 7

The version number for your copy of CC Calendar can be found at the bottom of the About tab.

Latest Version The latest Pro Version is 5.47 (8/01/2006). This version simply changes the logo and contact-us information from Cleveland Consulting to SeedCode.

Pro Version 5.46 (7/13/2006). This fixed a bug in the display of To-Do items on the week and month view. Instructions for making this change in your copy can be found here:

Pro Version 5.45 (9/14/2005). This version introduced a couple of minor layout changes to make the calendar's portals "freeze" properly in FileMaker 8.

Pro Version 5.44 (4/20/2005) This version allows one to export the To-Do List to iCal (in addition to exporting appointments which was supported in previous versions).

Pro Version is 5.43 (4/11/2005) This is a minor revision, changing some text alignment issues on XP and improving the default time setting when appointments begin before 8am.

The latest Free and Full Version is 5.42 (8/01/2006) This version simply changed the logo and contact-us from Cleveland Consulting to SeedCode.

Free and Full Version 5.41 (2/8/2005) This version fixes a bug in the background color display of some days and introduces a couple display enhancements to the to-do list (Pro Version only). Instructions for making these enhancements in your version can be found here:

Free, Full and Pro Versions 5.4 (1/26/2005) A major upgrade to the calendar, making numerous changes to all versions. All the calendar tables were consolidated into a single file and a to-do list was introduced to the Pro version. A new version of the IWP module was also introduced to take advantage of the new single-file design. A complete list of new features can be found here:

Full and Pro Versions 5.35 (10/21/2004) This version fixes a small issue with expanding and contracting portals. Tom Holder of caught this: "On the layout "Daily -OO", the expand button for the Appointments portal has the wrong parameter associated with the script. It reads "-OO" instead of "OOO". After changing it to "OOO" it functions correctly." Thanks Tom!

Free Version 5.32 This version adds a setting to let the calendar default to the current date upon opening. This feature was added to Free, Full, and Pro versions of the calendar. For instructions on how to make the change in your own version of the calendar, check out this post from our support forum:

Full and Pro Versions 5.34 (10/19/2004) This version made a few scripting enhancements to accommodate changes in behavior introduced by FileMaker's upgrade of FileMaker 7 to version 7.0v3 Changes effect the positioning of windows and the selection of Related Items A and B. Instructions for making these changes in your copy of the calendar can be found here:

Pro Version 5.33 (9/15/04) Fixed two bugs in the creation and display of repeating events. Information about both bugs, and instructions on how to make the changes in your copy can be found here: and here: Version 5.33 also contains a few changes designed to get the calendar ready for the instant web publishing module. These changes were actually introduced in 5.32 Instructions for making these changes to your copy will be announced when the IWP module is publicly available.

Version 5.31 introduced a speed improvement and fixed two bugs. Information about the bugs, including step-by-step instructions for making the changes in your copy can be found here:

Version 5.3 replaced the theta joins in the calendar with calculated date range keys to speed up the calendar.

Version 5.2 was the first FileMaker 7 release of the calendar. We previewed a free version as 5.0 though 5.1

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