IWP Vs Client

What are the functional differences between the IWP and Regular versions of CC Calendar?

The IWP Module is a separate front end interface file to the Appointments table in CC Calendar Pro. The interface and structures have been optimized to work within the framework of IWP.

There are a few functional differences; some of which reflect intentional simplifications on our part, others result from quirks in the way IWP works in FileMaker Pro.

For instance, shift-clicking does not work on the web. Also, there are no delete warnings in the IWP module; if you click on a trash can or delete button, the record is gone. WeŽve also removed scroll bars from the appointment portals on the week view. Feel free to put these back, but we believe youŽll prefer to leave them off as they are somewhat large when rendered by web browsers.

There is also no export-to-iCal function in the IWP module; such exports should be performed in the FileMaker client version CC Calendar Pro. The search / print function in CC Calendar Pro has also been removed in the IWP module.

When it comes to the Scheduling Edition, the IWP module only understands those aspects of the Scheduling Edition which are shared with the regular Pro calendar. Thus the IWP module doesnŽt have a Scheduling Tab, nor does it have the link-appointments-to-clients function found in the Scheduling Edition.

Finally, while you can create new appointment types and assign colors to these types in the IWP module, you can not create new colors: that still has to be done in the regular (non-web) version of CC Calendar.

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