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!! How do I Install and License the Charts Plugin?
Applicable Versions: Single User Pro, Multi User Pro

(Note, the Free Version of CC Time does not offer a charting option.) 

The Charts Plugin which comes with CC Time is registered as a single-user developer’s license. This gives us (the developers) theb right to distribute a single user version of the plugin to our customers. For our single-user customers, this should be all they need. For multi-user Pro customers, this license can allow them to evaluate the software without having to worry about running the plugin in Demo mode.

In both cases, though, you’ll need to install the Charts Plugin. This file (oAzium Charts) goes inside the Extensions folder inside the FileMaker Pro application folder. Note that you’ll need to re-launch FileMaker in order for it to recognize the plugin.

Detailed instructions for installing the plugin can be found in the oAzium Pie Charts.pdf which accompanies CC Time.

Please contact Waves in Motion for information about multi-user and site licenses of the plugin. Should you get such a license, you’ll want to turn off the setting titled “Use Single-User Developer Licence of Charts Plugin (included)” on the Settings screen of the Setiup tab of the calendar. With this setting off, CC Time will no longer use the developer’s license registration code but will instead look for a registered copy of the plugin on each user’s computer.

!! How can I change the colors of the Chart?

Applicable Versions: Single User Pro, Multi User Pro

Click on the “Setup” tab and then navigate to the “Settings” screen. In the lower left you’ll see the RBG values for each of the charts colors. Simply edit these values to use your own RBG colors. You’ll see a preview of each color to the right of its RGB value; click “Refresh Colors” to make sure the preview colors match your changes.

Note that the pie charts cycle through the 15 colors shown so you can easily chart more than 15 items. You’ll want to make sure your first and last colors are visually distinct, however, as they can appear next to each other when there are more than 15 slices in your pie.

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