Logging Time

(Note. Be sure to check out the section on Remote Control.)

Can I run a timer across midnight?

Applicable Versions: Single User Free, Single User Pro, Multi User Pro

Yes, CC Time understands that if your end time is before your start time, then your timer has run across midnight. You can not, however, run a timer for more than 24 hours as CC Time assumes that all start and end times are within 24 hours of each other. So, if you start a timer at 1pm on Wednesday, and stop it at 2pm on Thursday, you'll have logged 1 hour, not 25 hours.

Can CC Time be set up to use a central Date and Time Server?

Applicable Versions: Single User Pro, Multi User Pro

Yes. CC Time uses the Get ( CurrentHostTimeStamp ) function to record all dates and times. This will return the date and/or time of the Host machine (or FileMaker Pro Server) in multi-user settings. You can in turn configure that host or server to use an internet based date and time server if you wish. Even without an internet time server, however, all clients will use the same host date and time.

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