Already Using Zync

What changes do I need to make to my existing GoZync files to add GoMaps?

If you're already using GoZync to sync one or more FileMaker Go apps, you already have a copy of GoZyncHosted (GZH) and GoZyncMobile (GZM).

So the copies that come with GoMaps won't replace the ones you have. Rather, look at the GoMaps versions of GZH and GZM to see what a zynced copy of Maps looks like, and then make those changes in your GZH and GZM files.

Along the way, you'll create new table occurrences and layouts in your copy of GZM to complete the integration steps.

One of the first choices you'll have to make is which layouts and tables to use for the hosted side of GoMaps--to use in place of the example file GoMapsHosted we included with GoMaps. Instructions for getting your file ready for Maps are found in steps 1-4 here: GoMaps Integration.

Note that if you want to integrate maps into your existing solution, we recommend you use ProMaps, which is designed to be pasted into another file and use a Properties table that already exists in that file.

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