Customize The Sync

Creating your own sync workflow


GoMaps uses GoZync to sync, so you have the same options here as in any GoZync deployment: useful to review those here: Zync Options.

The big difference between most Zync deployments and GoMaps is that Maps has a lot of photos coming down to the mobile device, and often has photos going back up. So while most folks just run a "round trip" sync, you may want to run separate push and pull syncs so your mobile users aren't processing the whole sync during their "push"

Found Sets: Pulling down just "my" properties

Whenever you have a big data set (big in terms of the number or records OR in terms of photos) it's important to limit the sync to just the data your user needs. That's often just "their" records, or "their records that need to be inspected today".

GoZync makes it very easy to do this by syncing a found set of data from your hosted file. And you can build that found set using straightforward find scripts you already know how to write. More here: Downloading Found Sets.

And of course, checking out the GoZync docs in their entirety can help: GoZync Documentation.

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