If your file is using the separation model, meaning your data is in one file and your interface is another file, then please read below for some additional integration steps.

Integrate ProMaps Into Your Data File

Open your data file (yes, your data file) and integrate ProMaps following the standard integration instructions. If you would like you can ignore the part where you create value lists for selecting areas and filters. That part will need to happen in your interface file. If you create them in your data file it's not a big deal, they just won't get used.

Once ProMaps is integrated into your data file we can move on to your interface file.

Integrate ProMaps Into Your Interface File

1. Set up data source and add TO's
Open your interface file and navigate to "File -> Manage -> External Data Sources...". Now double click on your data file data source (the data file you integrated ProMaps in the previous step). Change the name of the data source to "ProMaps". It is important that you only edit the name of the data source and not the path or filename. Press "OK" to save your changes.

Navigate to "File -> Mange -> Database" and click on the "Relationships" tab. We need to add 4 table occurrences to your interface file from your data file that we have now labeled as "ProMaps".

Please add these table occurrences from ProMaps (your data file):


It is best if you relate Properties to Media via the fields "_id" to "_id_Property". This will save some trouble even if you aren't planning on using images.

2. Create layouts
Open up the file "Separation Interface Example.fmp12". This will be used as our template for integrating into your file. The first step is making sure that you have the necessary layouts created. This isn't necessary but will make copying layout elements easier and will ensure scripts don't have missing references. Create the layouts:

Properties Map
(this is associated with the "MapSettings" table)
Properties List
(this is associated with the "Properties" table)
Properties Detail
(this is associated with the "Properties" table)

3. Create value lists
Now create the values lists that are in the "Separation Interface Example" file in your file. You can look at teh example file for how they are set up.

4. Add scripts
Copy the scripts from the Interface Example file and paste them into your file (just copy the whole "ProMaps Interface File" script and the contents come with).

5. Add layout content
Now copy the contents of each layout from the Interface Example file into the corresponding layout in your interface file.

6. Add the map to your layouts
Copy the map and any filters you want from the "Properties Map" layout onto any layout you wish to display the map on. You should have already added the "Inialize ProMaps" script to a startup script in your data file. If not make sure you do that now. You can also run that script in the data file to initialize the map so it is ready for use.

If anything is unclear or confusing just look at the "Separation Interface Example" file for how things are integrated. That file is essentially what we just did to your interface file so it should be a great reference.

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