Setting Up the Sync

GoMaps is already wired to sync for you and will sync with the supplied GoMapsHosted database out of the box. As part of integrating GoMaps to your file, you'll point the sync at one of your own hosted databases and have likely done that already following the instructions here.

Once you have the sync buttons on the GoMaps home page will sync with your file instead of GoMaps hosted.

Regardless of file your syncing two, here is what the sync buttons do:

Pulling new properties down to this device
This will pull down any properties that have been created or edited since the last sync. Before you pull it checks to see if there are any unsynced changes on the iPad and suggests you push those first. If you want to customize the found set of properties that come down, read Customize the Sync.
We pull both property and media records (photos) and then check to make sure all properties have an area assignment, if they don't we assign them to "Unspecified". We also check to make sure all properties have a geo code.
Note that the pull can be used to delete records from your iPad: properties that don't "belong" to you anymore, for example. Learn more about how GoZync manages deletes here: deletes in GoZync.
Pushing edits up to your hosted database
This finds any property records on your iPad (and any media records ie photos) that have changed since the last sync and sends those changes to GoZync's InBox where they will eventually be processed into your hosted database.
This two stage operation (sending changes to the inbox, THEN processing them) means the iPad doesn't have to stick around for processing. There is another option, a "round trip" sync that will process the changes right into your hosted file. GoMaps uses GoZync to sync, so you have the same options here as in any GoZync deployment: including "round trip". You may want to review those options here: Zync Options.
Check for a new version of this app
This routine queries GoZyncHosted to see if there is a more recent version of the GoMaps mobile file (the code, not the data). Learn more about how this is used to distribute GoMaps.
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