Portal Filtering

Can NinjaCal filter portals?

Yes. You can use NinjaCal to help filter portals by date range. This is a great alternative to requiring users to type in a date range as NinjaCal will always visually display the range being filtered.

Check out the Date Range Filters tab in the NinjaCal example file for a working example of such portal filtering.

Portal filtering requirements

Since NinjaCal can select discontiguous dates, we don't use traditional date ranges when filtering portals with NinjaCal (that is, we don't use ≤ and ≥ operators in our relatinships). Rather, NinjaCal converts the selected dates into numbers and compares those with the dates in your table. This means you'll likely need to add a new calculation field to your dates table which will convert that date into a number. You can use the field "ApptDateAsNumber" in our SampleAppointments table as an example.

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