Selecting Dates

How can I grab a date selected in NinjCal?

The date you select is stored in the global variable $$_NinjaCalSelectedList so you can use that variable in any of your own scripts.

Note that if you select a range of dates, this variable will hold multiple dates, each separated by a carriage return.

(Check out the "Date Range Filters" example in NinjaCal to see how we use this to filter a portal based on dates selected in NinjaCal.)

What other variables does NinjaCal track?


The date or dates you've clicked on. Multiple dates are separated by carriage returns.


This variable transforms $$_NinjaCalSelectedList into a string to be used in date range searching: something like "5/4/2008...7/9/2009". If only a single date is selected it will be returned as the start and end date: "7/9/2009...7/9/2009". If discontinuous dates are selected this variable is empty.


This variable transforms each of the dates in '$$_NinjaCalSelectedList into their GetAsNumber equivalent. We use this in portal filtering.


This is the date on which the NinjaCal display is focussed and may or may not be the same as the selected date. For example, the display can focus on the current date even though no date is selected; this is, in fact, the default start up condition for NinjaCal.
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