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SCSubscribe: Where is SeedCode Subscribe?

What is the correct Location for SeedCode Subscribe

When Using the Demo Engine

You don't need to worry about this field when using our demo engine: Subscribe knows where that is and where the seedcode_subscribe_engine is installed on it:

When Using Your Own Installation of the Subscribe Engine

When you've purchased SeedCode Subscribe and installed the engine on your own FileMaker Server, you just need to tell the app where it lives. By default the app assumes its on your FileMaker Sever and will enter a path for you like this:
You only need to correct that path if you've put it somewhere else.
Note that if you see the green check mark AND the version number of the engine, you'll know you've put it in the right place and the URL Builder can see it.
Don't see a green check mark or version number here? Check out our troubleshooting suggestions.
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