Getting Started

Getting Started

The following should help you get the IWP Module up and running. These notes describe how to publish the calendar using a stand-alone copy of FileMaker Pro. Please refer to FileMaker's Electronic documentation for instructions on how to turn on instant web publishing with FileMaker Server Advanced.

Quick Tips

1 Make sure the IWP module is in the same place (inside the same folder) as your SeedCodeCalendar.fp7 or SeedCodeComplete.fp7 file.

2 Turn on Instant Web Publishing: FileMaker Pro / Sharing / Instant Web Publishing.

3 Open the IWP home page. To test on your local machine, use

4 Open the calendar using Admin as your username (or Admin iPhone from your iPhone), leaving your password blank.

5 Don't refresh calendar pages or use your back button.

6 When exiting the Calendar in your web browser, use the Log Out button at the top of the "home" screen.

7 Read the rest of this documentation (using the links at the right) for more information.


More Detailed Instructions

For more information, open "FM9_Instant_Web_Publish_en.pdf" installed inside the <Language>Extras folder where FileMaker Pro is installed. Also available here.

Open the Files You'll want to open both Calendar files using FileMaker Pro, this means both SeedCodeComplete.fp7 and SeedCodeIWP.fp7 must be open for IWP and are required for instant web publishing. These files need to be in the same folder (beside each other).

Turn On Instant Web Publishing Select "Sharing" from the FileMaker Pro Menu and then select "Instant Web Publishing." Use the radio button to turn instant web publishing "on". Note that all the open files in the lower left of the screen are "ON" for IWP, you may want to make sure only "SeedCodeIWP" is set to be visible on the IWP home page.

Open the default IWP Home Page If your FileMaker Pro client is on a network, enter the machine's url into your web browser. This is usually in the form or in the form If you are testing IWP on a singe machine, enter the following url: http://localhost:80/ or (Note that if you change the port IWP is using, you'll want to replace the :80 at the end of the url.)

Open SeedCode On the default home page you'll see a link for "SeedCodeIWP" Double click on this and you'll be asked for a username and password. Enter Admin for your username and leave the password blank. If you want to try this out on your iphone, login as Admin iPhone and leave the password blank. Note that you'll probably have to be hosting the calendar off a machine with a static IP in order to hit it form your iPhone: things like "http://localhost:80/" won't work.

Using the IWP Module Once you have the module open, feel free to read, edit, create and delete records. As in any IWP application, avoid using your Back button and avoid refreshing the browser. When exiting the calendar in your web browser, youíll want to use the Log Out button at the top of the home screen. Quitting your web browser without logging out will cause your IWP session to persist until it times out. When publishing with a regular copy of FileMaker Pro (instead of Server Advanced) you are limited to 5 concurrent users and you wonít want one of those 5 slots to be taken up by a user who is no longer there.

Modifying the IWP Module We encourage users to modify the look of the IWP module, bt=ut youíll want to be careful. FileMakerís IWP is very sensitive to stack order and to the placement of layout objects. Make frequent backups and test your changes constantly in a web browser.


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