Shared Data

Which Data Does the IWP Module Share with the Regular Calendar?

Pretty much everything. The IWP module uses the Contacts, Clients, Appointments and other data tables from the regular FileMaker version of SeedCodeContacts. The IWP module is just a second interface file and doesn't contain any data of its own.

This includes colors and types. In fact, since you can't enter new colors on the web, you'll be maintaining the colors fro both the Regular and IWP components using the regular FileMaker component of SeedCodeContacts.

The IWP module does have its own settings globals (so you can have the IWP module start the week on Monday while your regular copy starts it on Sunday if you wish--this is per/session setting) and it has its own interface table of graphics. So if you swap out our logo in the regular FileMaker version of SeedCodeContacts, you'll need to make that change again in the IWP module.

Other settings, such as the label to use for "resources" are shared with the SeedCodeContacts as if it were data and does not reside in the IWP Module.

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