FIleMaker 16-17: Changes Required

FileMaker introduced a new extended privilege in 16 that permits the FMP URL protocol to function. The first time you open ProMaps, DayBack, or any webviewer-heavy solution in next without this privilege enabled, you'll see this error:

The fix is simply to enable the new privilege. Here's how.

1. Select File / Manage / Security from the FileMaker menus.
2. Click on the "Extended Privileges Tab", then double-click the "fmurlscript" keyword.
3. Check "on" for any privilege sets you wish to be able to use DayBack.
4. That's it!

Why did FileMaker make this change? They believed that malicious users who knew your script names could trigger them from URLs even if you didn't provide buttons for those scripts. But users would still need to be logged into FMP with sufficient permission to run the script: the FMP URL doesn't bypass FileMaker security in any way.

Map not looking the way it should?

Begin by running the Upon Opening script again: this rebuilds any html that may have been partially compiled by aborted scripts or during development.

Maps is blank?

Visit the Setup layout and click on the "Areas" tab in the upper right: make sure none of your areas have stray characters in them. This can prevent the map from rendering.

Also check to see that you don't have html in any of the address fields. Something like "<table>" in a zip code field, for example, will prevent the map from rendering.

You might need to add a (free) API key from Google. Google's intention is that it's only needed for larger data sets but it has resolved this issue for people who are using the older version of ProMaps. instructions for adding getting an API key and adding it to ProMaps are here.

No pins or missing pins on map?

Most likely this is caused because the latitude and longitude of your properties have not been entered in the "gm_geoLocation" field". In GoMaps this will happen automatically after a sync. In ProMaps this normally happens when an address is changed or modified as we have script triggers on the address fields in our detail layout. If you have imported records or are using an alternate method for entering addresses the geo locations may not have been looked up from google. We include a script called "GeoCodeAddress For ProMaps" that will look up the geocode for you. If you are missing a large set of geocodes you can create a new script that will loop through all of your records and run the "GeoCodeAddress For ProMaps" script for each one. Please make sure to add a pause script step in between each loop that pauses for at least 0.25 seconds as google has a limit on how many queries can be made per second. Also keep in mind that google limits queries to 2,500 per 24 hour period. So if you are trying to geocode more than that you will need to split up your process into segments and wait 24 hours in between.

If you are running a newer version of Windows, you may need make a small edit to the "Load Marker Images" script. Find the "Set Variable [$$sc_markerIconURL[i]" step, and replace the "%20" with a space " ". This should let the ProMaps webviewer access the icon images, and the change will not affect your Mac users.

Not seeing images in the map?

If you make changes to map images in the property's detail view, those images aren't available to the map until you run the script "Load Thumbnails"--that script also runs during map start up, so you can just close and re-open the file as well.

If you are running Windows 10, two small edits should resolve this. In the "Export Map HTML" script, modify the final Set Field step by replacing the "%20" with a space " " toward the top of the calculation. Then, in the gm_MapData field in the Properties table, find the line [" " ; "%20"] toward the middle of the calculation. Replace the "%20" with a space " " here also. After closing and reopening ProMaps, your images should appear on the popovers.

Getting "could not save file" errors?

You can use external storage for the images you show in your map's popovers, but you can not use secure storage. If you need secure storage for your images, make a second container field to use in the map, set that to NOT use secure storage and add an auto-enter calc to grab a thumbnail of the secure image using GetThumbnail(). (You should be using thumbnails anyways to speed things up.)

ProMaps isn't displaying any pins in FileMaker Go 15

A change in FM Go 15's web viewer has required a change in how ProMaps loads the map. This is resolved in ProMaps 1.05, but you can make the fix in ProMaps 1.03 by following these steps:

1. Contact us to get a copy of ProMaps 1.03 with the fix for Go 15
2. Make a backup of your files before making any changes
3. In the "Export Map HTML" script in your file, disable or delete the the final Set Field [MapSettings::HTMLExportGlob] field.
4. From the attached copy of ProMaps, copy the final four steps of the "Export Map HTML" script (lines 39-46), and paste them at the bottom of the same script in your file.
5. On your Properties Map layout (and any other layouts that display the map), change the "Web Address" of the map web viewer object to simply "$$sc_MapURL" -- without the quotes.
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