Differences In IWP

What are the Behavior Differences Between the Solution in IWP and in FileMaker Client?

Note that you can see another version of this feature comparison here: feature matrix. What follows is a more narrative descriptions of some of these differences

The IWP solution lacks the Scheduling and Gantt tabs from the calendar. FileMaker's IWP is just not capable of rendering those screens.
One big, but subtle difference, is in the way buttons work. In FileMaker client you can click anywhere in a button in order to activate it. In the IWP module you'll find that the outer edges of the buttons aren't active and that you need to click more towards the center. This is hardly noticeable in most buttons but in some irregularly shaped buttons like "search" it is a little more noticeable. Clicking on the text of the button always works.
Printing doesn't work well in general in IWP and the calendar is no exception. You can print the pages from your browser, but you won't have the printing options available in the client version of the calendar.
When you edit an appointment in the calendar, you don't do so in a mini-window, but simply in a form view layout for that appointment. You can also perform finds on this layout as we show the IWP status area there.
When using the calendar in FileMaker client you can create new Contacts, Companies and Projects right from the calendar when editing an appointment. In IWP you can only link existing Contacts, Companies, and Projects to an appointment from within the calendar. New contact, etc. records need to be created in the IWP contacts component first, then linked to an appointment.
Contacts and Projects are linked to appointments using simple drop down lists, not portals as they are in the client version.
While the filters in the calendar are the same as the regular version, you can't filter contact or project activity in the IWP module. All contact or project activity shows up on the contact's or project's record in descending order, with the most recent items first.
When looking at activity on a contact's or project's record, you can not change the sort order of the activity (it shows up with the most recent activity on top) or filter the activity. You can, however, jump to see the activity as a list and then resort or find with that found set of activity.
In the IWP interface, most items aren't deleted from portal rows, you have to click on the Appointment, Contact, etc. and then click the delete button in the IWP status area.
At the same time the custom delete menu we use in the client version of the contacts and projects file don't apply on the web so the orphan control? we have in the client version isn't in effect in the web version.
The found set management is a little different: in the client, when you click on an appointment you see that appointment only. In the IWP module, you'll arrive at the one appointment you clicked on, but you'll be in a found set of all other appointments. Unless, of course, the item you clicked on has conflicts, in which case you'll be in a found set of the conflicting appointments.
Since FileMaker's IWP engine can't trap for modifier keys, some of the shortcuts in the calendar (such as creating new appointments right from the week or month views) don't work in IWP.
The month view in IWP shows 5 appointments per day instead of 6. The month view is also restricted to showing appointments only: "to-dos" and "other items" only appear on the daily view.
You can't delete documentation topics in the IWP calendar; you'll need to delete these by opening the IWP module in a copy of FileMaker Pro.
There are also a number of subtle interface differences designed to work around some of the quirks in IWP.
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