Custom Salesforce Projects & FileMaker Consulting

Small Projects

On the smaller side, we help our customers rethink their apps.

Workflow is a scene of innovation. Apps that are flexible and easy to customize keep that innovation flowing. SeedCode helps you refactor old workflows and add components that reflect your ongoing process innovation.  

We also automate and extend DayBack Calendar.

If you’re a hands-on person, DayBack and its documentation may be all you need to deploy and customize it yourself. Otherwise, you can purchase an implementation package for help, coaching, or having SeedCode create customizations for you.

We may quote you a 5-20 hour intervention to craft a new feature and then let you get back to polishing your solution. It’s common to do a couple of interventions like this in the first year to add workflows or automations unique to your schedule. 

Our rate for this is $220/hr, and we can usually give fixed-price quotes for small mods or new features that can be wholly described upfront.

FileMaker Consulting

Large Projects

We also seek out larger projects where we’ll use a combination of SeedCode apps as a platform for an extensive new solution.

On the other end of things, we do larger projects where we’ll use a combination of SeedCode apps as a platform for an extensive new solution. Solutions like this can’t be completely described upfront so the work is a mixture of research, prototyping, and development; we build these solutions in an agile fashion, doing lots of small builds and deploying them every week or two. For this kind of development, projects run between $70k to $420k a year.

And, of course, there is something in between where we may help a customer build out a scheduling system based on DayBack Calendar–maybe assisting their in-house developer or partner with the trickier parts of scheduling while their developer fleshes out their opportunities and projects. These projects can range from $5k to $40k, depending on how elaborate things get.

Consulting & Design
New behaviors or completely new apps

You worry that your partner will build the wrong thing. Our design process ensures that you’re validating our work as we go.

Coding is sharing

We publish the most popular customizations to DayBack Calendar; many of which can be pasted into your DayBack and the customized further.

High-Touch Support
Make changes; we've got your back

We can troubleshoot via remote access, over a screen share, or with a copy of your file to resolve common challenges

A Design Process That Works

For Both Large and Small Projects We Iterate Quickly

Get Started

We offer implementation packages at $220/hour, with a 5-hour minimum that will be used for screen shares, calls & emails, project planning, and customizations. Packages can be used for anything from coaching to development – whatever you need to get up and running and make the most of your Salesforce or FileMaker solution.

If your project is time-sensitive, please give us a call, as we can’t always schedule implementations immediately:


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