Sample Integration (or why file names matter)

Somewhat frustrating, but while Get ( FileName ) understands file names with a period in them, design functions like LayoutNames ( Get ( FileName ) ) do not.

And that breaks all our lovely abstraction.

Now, I never would have put a period in one of my file names, of course. But then, that is why you can’t test your own code.

Thanks to Martin Cleary for his patience today, and for letting me rename his file: we added the calendar to his database for scheduling landscaping crews reporting to 40 supervisors. A couple screen shots follow (mods to calendar content and formatting were all as easy as I’d hoped)

Lots of all day events, so we changed the config settings to have more all-day rows and defaulted to an hour scale for timed events so you could still get a snapshot of the day.

Pre-filtered for "Approved"

Pre-filtering by active jobs. They had so many events per day we decided to pre-filter and show just the approved, active jobs by default.

By foreman, by day. They wanted to color code by foreman instead of by status which was an easy change in field mapping. Red lines here indicate multiple events per day, which is OK in their business.

While I love the routines in the new calendar that re-create interface records after cloning the file, and import global graphics right from the layouts. These things can have unexpected consequences when pasted into an existing file, a file that may have privilege set restrictions, and bizarre file names, we hadn’t anticipated.

So the current work is error trapping and messaging these exceptions. Then we can go to a slightly wider beta team: thank you (!) to everyone who has gotten in touch about integrating an early copy. We’re almost there.

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  • Very exciting! I’d love to be one of your “wider beta” team. Please keep me in mind!

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