Excellent Report Demo at cheedoh-fm

Chiyoko has posted a great example of turning the “body” part off and on in the same report layout. Elegant example file included here.

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  • It is really nice and can use this technique on a project that I was working on today.

    Though I found it very slow to scroll. I added the Refresh Window (Flush cache join results) at the end as well though I sill found it slow?

    Other files seem to function fine. Using 21.5″ iMac, 3.06 Ghz Intel core 2 Duo with 8 GB 1067 Mhz DDR3

    Any thoughts?

  • Great demo and very nicely laid out. The only thing I did to help a little was to add a Refresh[Flush] to the end of the Apply script so that the layout would redraw much faster.

    To be sure, I’ll be using this technique in the near future.

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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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