FileMaker Go Performance

David Knight of Angel City Data has put out a great webinar for FileMaker on performance tuning your FileMaker Go solutions.

Needless to say, for “the ultimate performance” he endorses using the solution locally and syncing to the server using GoZync. (Thanks David!)

David also has a nice shout out to Jason Young’s 2011 DevCon session on making FileMaker Server your super user.

Watch the webinar.

Learn more about GoZync.

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  • Valentin V

    The link does not work anymore. Is there another place I could find this video? Thanks!

    • seedcode

      Hi, I’ve asked David Knight if he has a current URL for this but haven’t heard back.

  • Jeffrey A Cannon

    What blows is that I can’t play back the webinar on my iPad. Especially when I am nearly certain that there is a playback app available.

  • This should be considered an essential knowledge for every serious FileMaker developer. Thanks for sharing the replay link.

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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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