Modding a Zync’ed File

GoZync can be a little tricky to add to your file, this is why many people build out from our example FMGo file, and why we offer implementation packages to do it for you. Once it’s in, however, GoZync is quite easy to extend. It is a framework, after all, and we built it to be extensible.

We anticipated that you’d add fields to mobile solutions you already deployed–thus GoZync can deliver new builds to your users–and we made it easy to add fields to mappings you’ve already established. This video shows how easy it is to add a field to a zync’ed solution. The video also demonstrates the zync working in FileMaker Pro (GoZync can sync zync data between Pro and Server just as it does between Go and Server.) Check it out…


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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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