Spanning Midnight

We  have a surprising (to me at least) number of customers using the calendar to manage nightclubs, concert venues, DJs, etc. and these folks are always scheduling things across midnight. The current calendar understands these events, but doesn’t really let you focus on events that late.

We just wrapped up a cool routine in the new one where you can “scroll” the times past midnight and see what’s starting the next morning…

screen shot

…and here is a tip to my future self: If you *think* you might need to base all you code on timestamps instead of dates, you should probably just bite the bullet and build it that way to begin with.

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  • That pale yellow color on the “Test 2…” event isn’t a different status color: we slightly skew the fill colors when events of the same status (the same color) overlap.

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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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