What’s wrong with FileMaker feature requests.

I think this quote finally gets at what bugs me about so many FileMaker feature requests, those long lists of things that would somehow make one’s life as a developer easier:

Programmers are obsessed with ease rather than simplicity (thank you Rich Hickey for making this point); or, what the experience of programming is instead of what the resulting program is like. This leads to useless conversations about semicolons and whether we need a preprocessor that eliminates curly braces. We still talk about programming as if typing in the code was the hard part. It’s not – the hard part is maintaining the code.

From here; emphasis mine.

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  • Welshofer


  • HOnza

    Great observation!
    I think people keep asking for expensive features that will save them maybe 1 minute a day because they don’t focus on their real bottlenecks. 😉

  • Simon Danielsson

    So true!!

    Med vänlig hälsning

    Simon Danielsson

    2 nov 2012 kl. 17:12 skrev “SeedCode: Next” :

    > >

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