Customizing DayBack: In-App Updates

The whole point of DayBack is to have a calendar you can customize. You want to paste it into your file and change the scripts so it works the way you do. And you want to do that without giving up access to new features, bug fixes, and newer versions of the calendar

Fortunately, you can download new features and bug fixes without overwriting your changes thanks to the in-app updates built into DayBack Calendar. These updates have allowed users to download all the recent cool new features: like the vertical month view, text filteringadditional fields, long timescales, and analytics.

Here’s video showing how the in-app updates work:

You’ll find more details about in-app updates in our docs, including how to undo an update if you don’t like it.

Updates are also available in DayBack’s free 30-day trial, so you’re able to stay up to date even before you’ve purchased the calendar.

Access to Updates

Folks who’ve purchased DayBack on subscription (monthly or yearly) have access to updates for the life of their subscription. If you purchase DayBack outright, in-app updates are included for the first year. You can then extend your updates a year at a time. Here’s how: extend your updates.

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