FileMaker Summer Camp – Recap

Unconference Sessions

If you missed Pause in October, here’s a look at the sessions that attendees hosted. All the sessions are listed in this post on the Pause blog, along with some photos attendees took mid-session.

PauseOnError FileMaker Conference


KC and Jason from SeedCode created this year’s Pause schedule in a customized version of DayBack. This lets anyone browse the schedule while registered attendees can suggest sessions. We’ll likely post a more detailed description of how the calendar was built because it included some cool conflict-checking to offer alternate session times if attendees proposed a session at the same time as one with similar keywords.

PauseOnError Schedule

Check out the live version here: FileMaker Summer Camp 2023 Schedule.

The SeedCode Team

Pause is a company retreat for SeedCode, and almost everyone was there. Jason, Gabi, and Michael stayed back to keep things running (thank you so much!). And we were joined by one of our favorite clients, Greg Lathe from Awakening Events.

Maybe we’ll see you there next year!?

SeedCode Team

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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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