New In-App Update for DayBack Calendar

We just posted a new update of DayBack with a sweet little enhancement to the Resources tab: you can now change the number of resource columns on the fly. This short movie shows how that works and how to download the update into your copy of the calendar.

If you’re new to DayBack, learn more here: DayBack Calendar Add-On for FileMaker.

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  • Very kewl, John. Since we can see a dynamic number of resources and now set the number, what would you think about taking a step further. By that I mean create a group or two of sets of resources that all share something in common – what comes to mind is a group of pieces of equipent (OEMs) that constitute a bigger group piece of equipment, or unit. Then one of the benefits might be that we could expand and contract the group on the resources page. Here’s where I’d use it, specifically.

    Sai, for example, I have a Unit that contains 5 pieces of equipment all of which are tracked for their hours of use or miles indetermining when each should go into the shop for maintenance. It’s easy enough to track them all individually on the resources page, but how kewl would it be if one of the pieces of equipment were down (prompting a highlight for the whole Unit being down) so that the scheduler could determin which one it was and instead of showing all the other pieces of equipment in the group, she could simply contract the group to show only the Unit itself, marked as down.

    • seedcode

      I like it! That’s similar to what’s demonstrated here… …where photographers are grouped into regions but I like the idea of expanding and contracting groups. And maybe having alerts for a resource trickle up to the group. Thanks.

      • Right, the trickle up effect. It’s being done now at the root level or OEM equipment level, and it’s also set up to flow up to the group. we just didn’t think too much about showing the Group only….now we do. I like it too.

        BTW, this update went infinitely more smoothly than the last. 😉

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