Optionally Filtered Portals

In the new version of SeedCode Complete, we’re pre-loading (but commenting out) some portal filters to make it easier for folks to customize the software. Pretty psyched about this as it makes some common mods really easy.

For example, when we show a portal of active projects, customers can now double click on that portal to find a couple of filters waiting for them: uncommenting a line in there switches this to show just active projects for the logged in user.

The other cool thing we’re doing in that left-hand side bar is showing a list of “recent” items: in this case, projects that have been edited (or had one of their milestones edited) within a user definable range of time. Customers tag which fields get called out for special mention, causing a record to be recorded as “status changed to done” instead of simple “edited”. This keeps the list from being too verbose.

We’re looping through a simple audit log to do this (and, like the calendar, it is fast) so users can see a change log for each record as added benefit.

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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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