Sync Case Study: KeyPlus

SeedCode’s customer KeyPlus was recently featured on FileMaker’s UK site showing off their new GoZync-enabled solution for alarm response and reporting.

Employees complete incident reports in the field using company iPads and iPhones, this “not only saves time but also helps to prevent errors stemming from employees having to wait until they have returned to the office before typing up reports.”

The FileMaker solution has completely streamlined the business. Clients are now updated much more swiftly and the reports that FileMaker allows us to generate are clearer and more detailed than ever before, which has also proved useful for audit logging.keyplus-security-database_pic2 Our response officers are also incredibly pleased with FileMaker Go; the tailored mobile solution prioritizes the features that they use most often, allows them to access information quickly and easily, as well as preventing them from accidentally making unwanted changes to the database. – Brian Curran, Managing Director, KeyPlus

Learn more about syncing FileMaker Go with GoZync.

Visit KeyPlus Security Services.

Read the original case study at

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