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GoZync: In-App Updates for FileMaker iOS SDK Apps

January 12, 2016

The FileMaker iOS SDK – Create Native iOS Apps in FileMaker Go We’re very psyched about the new FileMaker iOS SDK. This means that developers can bind their FileMaker Go solutions as native apps and distribute them through several new channels: MDM solutions, test flight, and even in the iOS App Store (providing your app is approved), though FileMaker, Inc. frowns on this. But what […]

Syncing Field Definition and Layout Changes

June 29, 2015

Simpler Management of your Synced Files Mobile apps usually have a very different look and feel than their desktop counterparts (simpler layouts, larger buttons, and only a small subset of the corresponding desktop solution’s features). But some GoZync customers want to keep their hosted and mobile file schema identical (layouts, scripts, tables, fields, etc.), and […]

Sync Webinar: Q&A with Todd Geist and John Sindelar

July 22, 2014

Syncing FileMaker Go We got some great questions about sync in our last webinar and we’ve posted a video below. Big thanks to Todd Geist for joining me to answer questions and talk sync… [ba-vimeoflex videoid=”101377181″] If you’d like to attend and ask your own questions we have two more sync webinars scheduled: August 5, […]

FileMaker Publishes Case Study featuring GoMaps and GoZync

April 14, 2014

“In our industry, we don’t get big game-changers very often.” – Jason Larson We’re very psyched to see FileMaker, Inc. recognize Braun Electric’s very cool FileMaker Go deployment using GoMaps and GoZync. Read the full case study here. Learn more about the SeedCode add-ons used in this solution: GoMaps – plot your records on interactive, […]

Why you can’t sync with Import Records

March 31, 2014

Todd Geist has put together a great video showing how imports will let you down when you’re syncing records. Tricky stuff, but the basics are very well explained in this video. (Import failing begins at 11:40) Todd’s article/video also includes a pretty cool demo file for showing how the sync / import works. It’s not […]

Syncing Found Sets

February 11, 2014

Developers love that GoZync can be set to pull just a found set of records down to an iPhone or iPad. Folks use this to deliver just one user’s records–usually very specific things like “my customer visits for today” or “my active orders in this territory”. Less well known but almost cooler is that you […]

Under the Hood with Sync: GoZync Webinar Recording

January 27, 2014

Syncing FileMaker Go If you’re looking to learn more about syncing FileMaker Go, this Jan 7 webinar features demos of some of GoZync’s features along with a good deal of Q&A from the audience. Enjoy! [ba-vimeoflex videoid=”84924772″] Learn more about Syncing FileMaker Go with GoZync: GoZync download, demo & screenshots.

FileMaker Publishes GoZync Case Study

January 22, 2014

FileMaker, Inc. has just published a case study featuring GoZync; it highlights the mobile solution SeedCode built for Blueprint Capital. Blueprint is one of the largest residential construction lenders in Seattle and their whole lending practice is run from a FileMaker solution named Blueprint Connect™. Read FileMaker’s GoZync Case Study. Details follow for developers considering adding […]


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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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