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Drive Times & Distances in your FileMaker Calendar

December 28, 2021

Building realistic schedules gives customers confidence that you’ll keep your promises. Now DayBack gives your dispatchers the confidence to make those promises by visualizing drive times and distances in your schedule. In this example, the DayBack compares a day’s mileage across a field service team:  SeedCode offers ProMaps as a stand-alone mapping template for FileMaker. ProMaps […]

Claris Success Story – ProMaps & Seismic Event Warnings

December 5, 2021

Mapping and distance math are a big part of our calendar customizations. DayBack can warn schedulers if there is insufficient drive-time between appointments or if another asset is closer to the customer that week. And our ProMaps app lets developer add mapping into their own projects. Occasionally we take this mapping expertise in entirely new […]

Plotting Irregular Shapes in FileMaker Maps

January 20, 2020

SeedCode’s ProMaps template comes with support for “neighborhoods” or areas: shapes our users employ to depict things like sales territories or city borders. Usually, these areas are a single, contiguous shape, like the neighborhoods in Seattle shown in red below in a stock copy of ProMaps. But what if an area consists of multiple separated […]

Earthquakes, JSON, and Automation in FileMaker Maps

December 5, 2019

FileMaker can do a lot more with the Google Maps API than just showing pins on the map and creating routes. This mod of SeedCode’s ProMaps template is a great example: it reacts to earthquake alerts. It visualizes the impact zones for seismic events and reports on the affected properties. Alan Corkhill at Marx Okubo […]

ProMaps Custom Icons and Pins

October 28, 2019

Using a different icon and pin colors on your map is a great way to visualize found sets. Fortunately, ProMaps for FileMaker makes it easy to assign different icons based on different values in your fields. Sometimes, though, you may want to create icons and color combinations on the fly. Brian Ouimette and Jonathan Sherry […]

Visually Manage Territory Borders in FileMaker with ProMaps

July 6, 2019

ProMaps lets you filter your properties by “area” or “territory” and show all those territory borders on the map. In the stock version of ProMaps, you’d create these territory borders once and then paste them into FileMaker. However, if you have many territories or their borders are frequently changing, you may want to visually edit those borders […]

Google Maps in FileMaker WebDirect on Mobile Devices – ProMaps

April 9, 2019

A customer reached out to us for help implementing ProMaps in FileMaker WebDirect. They wanted a mobile solution for their outreach campaigns. We’d already made some custom deployments of ProMaps running in WebDirect, but none of those were for mobile browsers. Working on mobile required redesigning an entirely new menu and mobile map view, which turned […]

Maps in FileMaker WebDirect

September 16, 2018

SeedCode can now customize your ProMaps solution so you can run your maps in FileMaker WebDirect. ProMaps doesn’t work in WebDirect by default, but KC Embrey and Jason Young have figured out how to customize it to create a seamless user experience. Check out this short video showing ProMaps running in WebDrect: notice how it […]

Customize the Pins on Your FileMaker Map

July 22, 2018

You can customize ProMaps to use different pins or icons depending on the status of your FileMaker records. But you can also use Google’s API to label the pin based on a field in FileMaker. In the screenshot below, Paula Powell from Wisconsin Fuel customized the pins to match her dispatching and routing statuses, taking the […]


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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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