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SeedCode is Hiring

June 17, 2022

We have two new open positions; one for an advanced FileMaker developer for custom projects, and one for a customer support role with JavaScript experience. Details, salary range, benefits, and an outline of the hiring process can all be found here: Working with Us.

How We Spend Our Time

December 13, 2019

The holidays often occasion a wintry mix of goal setting and castigation. Sometimes we need to change how we work. Other times, we just feel something is missing. Whatever the reasons, the seasonal shame spiral gets real. Keep your self-improvement projects in perspective with these two posts from And be kind to yourself this […]

Schedule Balancing with Calendar Analytics

January 20, 2019

For most teams, there’s a fine line between not having enough work and having way too much. DayBack Calendar helps us see the difference. Here’s a behind the scenes look at how SeedCode balances developers’ schedules using DayBack’s calendar analytics. What’s working here A couple of key ingredients need to be in place before this kind of scheduling works. […]

Time Tracking in FileMaker with DayBack Calendar

October 15, 2018

Track estimated vs. actual time right in your FileMaker Calendar We recently customized DayBack for a team tracking the manufacturing and assembly trade show displays. Folks on the manufacturing floor use DayBack to see what they’re scheduled to work on AND to log their time. They can then compare estimated to actual time with Calendar Analytics. DayBack […]

Preview: Calendar Analytics

July 23, 2018

Analytics is coming to DayBack Calendar. Analytics is now live! Available as an in-app update to DayBack Calendar! Measure changes to your schedule, and chart calendar data against your goals. More info, and examples, here. You’ll be able to chart any additional fields you’ve added to the calendar. And you’ll know when the crests or […]

Paper Planners

December 6, 2016

  When do you sketch on paper and when do you use computers? Maybe it depends on having a pen that matches the speed at which you think? Some paper planners (and pens) reviewed on the blog at

The Fear

November 7, 2014

Reading The Soul of a New Machine,  Kidder 1981. Describing work on the Data General MV/8000 in 1979. Alsing [lead architect] thought that even under the best circumstances, several kinds of fear attend a debugging. One was the fear of “The Big Mistake”, the one that would be discovered late in the game and would require […]

Project Management Grammar Hack: Time Words

October 9, 2014

Using time words Projects wander. Customers have unreasonable expectations. We make promises we can’t keep and that our customers misinterpret. Yet a simple grammar hack may help curb all of this. Consider the difference in clarity between these two versions of a project’s “next steps” we might send to a customer: “The project would cost $X,XXX and […]


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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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