Drive Times & Distances in your FileMaker Calendar

Building realistic schedules gives customers confidence that you’ll keep your promises. Now DayBack gives your dispatchers the confidence to make those promises by visualizing drive times and distances in your schedule.

In this example, the DayBack compares a day’s mileage across a field service team:

SeedCode offers ProMaps as a stand-alone mapping template for FileMaker. ProMaps supports routes and filtering. But adding mapping inside DayBack can mean better scheduling decisions, not just better routing decisions for a schedule that’s not ideal.

Drive times in FileMaker Calendar

Drive time and mapping integrations in DayBack are customizations deployed as part of our implementation packages. We can create time and distance calculators to match your specific workflows and include warnings when your schedule exceeds your constraints.

  • Is there another agent closer to the customer this week?
  • Do you have enough time to travel between appointments?
  • Is one agent traveling too far overall this week?
  • In what order should we arrange today’s jobs?

Learn more here: Displaying Distance & Drive Times

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