FileMaker Publishes GoZync Case Study

FileMaker, Inc. has just published a case study featuring GoZync; it highlights the mobile solution SeedCode built for Blueprint Capital. Blueprint is one of the largest residential construction lenders in Seattle and their whole lending practice is run from a FileMaker solution named Blueprint Connect™.

Read FileMaker’s GoZync Case Study. Details follow for developers considering adding GoZync to their own solutions…

Blueprint’s mobile app uses GoZync to synchronize construction inspections. Each of Blueprint’s active projects needs to be inspected every month; inspectors log the builder’s progress against the projects’ line items and take photos of the work. These are then synced back to Blueprint’s office so borrowers can take draws against their loans in proportion to the work completed so far.

This software replaced a paper system where inspections arrived in several large boxes and had to be keyed in during these marathon transcription sessions that were both stressful and prone to error.

Inspecting over 100 of these projects happens over just a few days and a customized version of GoMaps helps inspectors know which properties they have yet to visit. Images of site plans and renderings are pulled down to the iPad so folks can orient themselves on new projects, some of which may have barely broken ground when they arrive.

The GoZync-Powered inspection app offers the following capabilities:

Syncs a subset of properties to be inspected down to the inspectors’ iPads: only active projects with funds outstanding are inspected.

Photos, site-plans, and any new notes from the finance team come down to the iPad as well.

Though the in-office solution is quite large, the mobile app only syncs data from twelve tables: mirroring the structure of the main solution on an iPad would have been impossible.

Inspectors sync photos they’ve taken of each site and receive a confirmation that each project’s inspection has been successfully transmitted.

Syncs are done throughout the day as inspections are completed, usually three or four at a time. Each project takes just over a minute to sync.

As inspections can be called for at any time, inspectors can always sync down new projects to be inspected without having to come in to the office.

This lets Blueprint respond to builder requests for ad-hoc financing very quickly, often with inspections and checks cut the same day

With a single click inspectors can ask for and download new versions of the application (it’s in near constant development as we add new features).

Blueprint has devoted a couple pages of their annual report to their strategic investment in this software and we are very proud of our work here. We’ve built other mobile apps for Blueprint, including one managers use to get an overview of project finances, but we’re most proud of the inspections app as it has helped take a very time-sensitive and high pressure part of Blueprint’s workflow and turn it into something much more routine.

Learn More:

Blueprint’s software is powered by GoZync

Blueprint Capital

GoZync: the scriptable sync framework for FileMaker Go

GoMaps – the mapping template used in this solution (comes with GoZync built-in)

Other GoZync case studies:

FullCity Consulting: Syncing Water-Body Inspections

IT Solutions: Center for Disabilities Studies

STAT Bio-Medical: Equipment Maintenance and Repair 

Developer Credits:

Project Roadmap: Mark Knoll, Blueprint Capital
Lead Developer: Jason Young
Maps and Sync: Tanner Ellen
GoZync Framework: Todd Geist and John Sindelar
Additional contributions: Chiyoko Yoshida and Lisette Wislon

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