GoZync Case Study: STAT Bio-Medical

(For those who’ve seen this before we’re just reposting this, having neglected to move it from our old site. For those who haven’t seen this, check out the video below: a great testimonial of what GoZync can do for a customer.)

As featured in the DevCon 2011 Keynote, using Sync Zync For FileMaker Go

We were thrilled to see Andy LeCates demonstrate GoZync in the DevCon keynote back in 2011.

Andy showed off a deployment of GoZync that Todd Geist integrated into a solution for STAT Bio-Medical. STAT’s employees deliver and service large medical devices using offline information on their FileMaker Go databases. They then push the results of these services back to the main office when they do get an internet connection.

Bill Peloquin, the president of STAT Bio-Medical, had this to say about Todd’s integration of GoZync:

GoZync system is perfect for Stat Bio-Medical and I can’t say enough good things about how this is going to change my company and supporting my customers over night! Once again, thank you for saving my company and being able to let us Go Green…. Go Paperless with GoZync…. over night!!!

STAT Bio-Medical’s System

Here is a screen shot of the solution Andy featured in the keynote.

And here is a short video of the work Todd did for STAT and how it’s changed their business:

[ba-youtubeflex videoid=”g8-zZ_xW0pU”]

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