Changes to FileMaker Go in iOS 7

Apple’s new operating system for iPhone and iPad changes the way two critical FileMaker functions work in FileMaker Go. While we fully expect a patch from FileMaker very soon, you’ll want to review the issue and either hold off on upgrading to iOS7, retool your FileMaker Go apps, or both. i0s7

You can read more about this issue, along with our recommendations, here:

It’s especially important for GoZync users to read up and take this opportunity to update to at least GoZync 4 (a free update for GoZync 3 users) as it doesn’t use the affected functions for actual syncing.

Stay safe out there.

Update – Sept 17, 2013 – FileMaker has released an update for FileMaker Go (12.0.8) which fixes Get ( PersistentID ) for iOS7. (Notes of FileMaker’s release are here.) This means that folks using GoZync 4 have the all-clear to upgrade to iOS7, provided they upgrade FMGo as well. Folks using previous version of GoZync still need to update to GoZync 4 a described here.

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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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