TimeZync Ships

The first of a series of small templates built around GoZync.

TimeZync has finally shipped.

Most firms have a very hard time capturing billable time and TimeZync can help. It may be the fastest way to log time into a FileMaker solution. And it works offline, so folks can enter time wherever, whenever.

Here is an overview video (8 min)


  • Completely unlocked
  • Ships with two versions (two files): one can be used live, connected to your FileMaker Server/Host, and one works offline.
  • The offline version requires ProZync licenses of GoZync.
  • Very fast data entry experience.
  • Purchased version comes all wired up with GoZync and ready to sync.
  • You can add the hosted time table to you solution or, using GoZync field transformations, point the sync at a time table you already have.

MainMenusmTimeZync also highlights how GoZync is a framework, a platform, for syncing. Not only is the sync in TimeZync very customized (users pull down just their active projects) but users can get in there and customize the sync further, adding their own business rules. And, of course, folks who run TimeZync can use that GoZync instance to sync other tables and files in their FileMaker solution.

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  • simondanielsson

    Yes!! Goog work!!!

    Is it available soon in the shop?

    Simon Danielsson Sweden

    18 dec 2012 kl. 19:58 skrev “SeedCode: Next” :

    > >

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