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Lately I’ve been impressed by the number of unsolicited mods and improvements being written for our calendar.

Folks are sharing all sorts of cool stuff, from the wicked mods being developed by Todd Geist, to simpler suggestions just pointing out what we could do better. Here is one I received today. FileMaker definitely encourages this kind of tinkering and collaboration: I am very lucky to be a part of that.


I’ve been developing with FileMaker for abut 15 years now. I have to say your work is the best I’ve seen in FileMaker, and your newest calendar blows me away. I got my company to buy a site license for the…

…8.5 version of the complete calendar a couple of years ago; and hope to get them to buy your new one when it comes out. If they don’t, I might buy it for myself, if for no other reason than as a reminder of what good FileMaker work should look like.

Anyway, I thought I’d offer something I noticed on your free calendar. When entering a free date in the upper right portion of the mini-calendar on the left (“enter a date”), I am used to hitting the Enter key to commit my data. Upon doing so, the active field then jumps to highlight the “start on monday” radio button set. In my humble opinion, that control should not be in the tab order, as it would not be part of the normal workflow of a user entering calendar events. Also, it appears that the record may not yet be committed at that point, which could be a (minor) problem if the file was shared.

I took the “start on monday” radio buttons out of the tab order, which then allows one to enter a date and cleanly commit the record (or exit it, if that’s still a term). I think you guys should do the same to your file, unless of course I’m missing something (I just got my hands on it).

Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see the next complete version.

Your Fan,
Geoff Graham

Needless to say, we just uploaded a new version of the free calendar incorporating this. Thanks Geoff!

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