Whiteboard versions of the calendar

We’ve recently seen a couple of very cool deployments where folks are mounting large monitors to show production schedules or calendars. These use OnTimer script triggers to refresh the calendar every minute or so. Very Cool…
Paul Thomman’s deployment of SeedCode Complete & Zulu
Max’s 12 column mod of SeedCode Complete in “always refreshing mode”

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  • So cool! This is what we’ve been dreaming about. What kind of screens are these? Computer monitors of monstrous proportions, or flatscreen TVs??

    • seedcode

      =) People use both, but I think these are TVs. Want to really get psyched? Check out the matte TV screen used for the whiteboard replacement at Panic: http://www.panic.com/blog/the-panic-status-board/
      That post talks about what they’re using for a display, the mounting hardware, etc.

  • how many ways are there to spell awesome?

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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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