FileMaker Gantt Charts in DayBack Calendar

We’re thrilled to announce that the new gantt chart for DayBack is now available as an in-app update. To add this view to your own copy of DayBack click “Account Settings” on the calendar’s settings tab and then click “Check for Updates”.

The gantt chart is a great way to see all the events for a single project (or a single resource) when those events span more than a few weeks. Here’s a quick video showing how DayBack can be filtered to show the gantt chart for a single project:


FileMaker Gantt Charts

Add a FileMaker Gantt Chart to your layoutWe’ve chosen to call this the “horizon” view as we think it’s a great way to look ahead of you and see how your workload is shaping up. (Of course you can use the translation table in DayBack to call this anything you’d like.)

We also chose “horizon” as opposed to “gantt chart” to make clear this this is a lot simpler than most gantt charts.

Traditional gantt charts are fine if you’re building the next Ford Focus, but for simpler projects apps like Liquid Planner and Microsoft Project include a lot of stuff most folks don’t need–and so the software feels like a burden, projects don’t get updated, and things fall through the cracks.

A FileMaker gantt chart should be simpler, but let you can add complexity if you need it. The horizon view lets you see the relationships between events without lots of junk to slow you down. We may be adding some more traditional gantt features down the road–and we’ll be expanding the number of days the horizon can show–but we’ll be keeping this lean and easy to customize.

Get the Horizon View

If you’re already using DayBack this new gantt chart view is available as an in-app update. If you’re new to DayBack, download a unlocked 30-day trial you can link or paste into your own file.

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If you purchased DayBack outright (as opposed to a monthly or yearly subscription) you received a year of in-app updates with that purchase. If your updates are expiring soon you can now extend your updates for another year: extending in-app updates.

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  • Jeff Edwards

    Any plans to allow the horizon view more than 20 weeks. Can the display units to be months or weeks instead of days?

    • seedcode

      Yes! We’re planning exactly that: scaling as columns become weeks, months, and years =) I’d love to know more about your use case: what kinds of events are you tracking where long time scales like this are important?

      • Jeff Edwards

        Simple construction project planning where we have numerous projects (30 to 50) we are tracking at one time and each project has 6 to 8 phases lasting 18 to 30 months.

        • seedcode

          Perfect example; thanks! I’m meeting Tanner (our lead dev for DayBack) about this feature today but we don’t have a ship date yet. I imagine it’s a month or two out because of some existing commitments in the queue ahead of it, but I can let you know more as that changes and we get closer. (In the meantime, if you haven’t seen the horizon’s “breakout” feature, that may be useful as well:

  • Reuben

    I love love love the intuitive interface. Great job guys! I’m wondering whether you have plans to add dependencies and progress bars?

    • seedcode

      Thanks, Reuben! Progress bars: yes! We have some nice plans for those. Dependencies, I’m not sure on. Some people are implementing those on the data side–so that if you move an event your downstream events move as well–but I’m not sure we’ll add a way to visualize that. Here’s a video of the data-side version in action, by the way. It’s a very cool mod:

  • Looks good. Our company is very interested in seeing how projects overlap in time. Do you think you’ll eventually add the ability to see many projects at once, as well as this view of a single project’s timeline and details?

    • seedcode

      Hey Laura, It will already show multiple projects at once: it will display any events that match the filters. So if you filter for two projects it will show those two; if you filter for two projects and omit “completed” events, etc.

      • That’s great! Thanks for the clarification.

  • john renfrew

    First look – – really really lovely…

    Options for the time away marker??
    Down to a single day view on the slider??


    • seedcode

      Hi John, Thanks for “lovely”! A single day view would be the same as the list version of the current day view, but I get where you’re going and we do plan to integrate this with the other views, letting you “slide” out from the day view, or down to one or two days.

      The time away marker got the toggle you’d asked for, so you can remove those duration lines when you don’t need them. We also plan to add a popover to those with more information about the duration: how many “clear” days between now and the deadline (we’ll let you define “clear” but we’ll probably start with days without meetings), how many work days, how many milestones are between these two days?

      I think the question a lot of us ask is something like “how much stuff is between me and me fulfilling my commitments”. We’ll be using this view to answer that. So stay tuned =)

      And thanks again for your encouragement!

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