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We have a small subset of customers who wire their calendars up to act as dashboards on big displays. I’ve always thought this was cool and someday hope to get around to making one for SeedCode, a la the great dashboard at Panic.

One of these customers asked for something pretty cool today: they wanted to be able to cycle through the different resources on the calendar (recording studios in her system), showing each one on the week view for a few seconds, before moving to the next studio automatically.

Easy with a couple simple scripts and an OnTimer trigger. Feel free to add these to your own version of the calendar: AutomatedDisplayScripts.pdf

(Note, Where the scripts in that pdf call the script ” “Filter Calendar ( Number )”, you’ll now want to switch that to the script “Refresh Calendar”.)

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  • Hey, nice idea, but which studio are you talking about? We are a studio trying to do something similar, thought it might be useful to maybe hook up with them?

    • Hey Ian, our client was the developer working for the recording studio. I’ll pass your contact info on to her if you’d like. Yes?

      • yes please that would be great, thank you. x

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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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