New – DayBack Calendar for FileMaker 19

Here it is. The best calendar we’ve ever built is also the easiest to integrate and customize. We’ve been eagerly anticipating a few of the changes in FileMaker 19 that let high-end add-ons like DayBack integrate seamlessly with FileMaker.

And we’ve done a lot of work to make sure FileMaker developers can customize every aspect of the calendar.

All the calendar features we’ve deployed to Salesforce and Google are now available to our FileMaker developers. And things like Calendar publishing and WebDirect access that were separate subscriptions are now included. The same layouts, scripts, and behaviors now work in FileMaker Pro, Go, and WebDirect. (Even logging into your Google Calendars from within FileMaker works just as smoothly in WebDirect.)

Watch a 5-min video of the new DayBack in action:

What’s New in DayBack Calendar for FileMaker 19

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Google, Basecamp, and Office 365 calendars in FileMaker

Work with multiple FileMaker calendars alongside your calendars from other apps. Now you have one place from which to schedule everything.

Even use your Google Sheets as calendars. No plugins necessary.


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Google Calendar for FileMaker 19

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Bookmark your Favorite Views

Calendars tell stories. We’ve just added bookmarks for DayBack so you can check in on the stories you’re following. Create bookmarks just for yourself, for your team, or make them public.

New features like this require no script changes and don’t clobber the customizations you’ve made.


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Bookmarks in DayBack Calendar for FileMaker 19

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Much Faster Integration

Fast integration isn’t just a one-time benefit. It means you can easily spin up new calendars going forward as you refine your workflow.

All configuration is now done with in-app forms that check your work.


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Calendar Publishing Built-In

Publish read-only calendars to customers or contractors who don’t have access to your FileMaker solution. Share a filtered view and folks will only see events specific to their project.

Changes made in DayBack are synced with shared URLs in real-time, so everyone is always up to date.


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Publish Your Calendar for FileMaker 19

Going Further

The new DayBack is a new download and a separate codebase from DayBack “Classic” that we offer for FileMaker 13-18. You can run them at the same time as you’re moving up to DayBack Calendar for FileMaker 19, and we’re offering generous upgrade discounts to existing users. Read on for more…

The new DayBack calendar site: details & download link

Pricing, upgrade instructions and discounts: upgrade to the New DayBack Calendar

Integration instructions.

More new features: batch editing, analytics, resource scheduling, rich documentation.

DayBack Classic is still compatible with FileMaker 19, thanks to our latest update.

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