Reschedule Multiple Events

Your calendar’s latest power-up: now select multiple events and reschedule them all at once. Multiple-selection is a free in-app update to DayBack for FileMaker. Here’s how it works…

Multiple-selection makes it easier to reschedule whole projects and to shift your plans from one day to another.

Do More

• Drag events to reschedule them or to change their resource or status.

• A single undo is available, making this great for trying out scenarios.

• Your records are still edited with the same FileMaker script used throughout DayBack. So any customizations you’ve made to that script will continue to work when batch-editing events.

• Check out the documentation for more details.

Can I Automatically Link Events Together?

Yes, you can permanently link events together, instead of manually selecting them each time. For example, you can chain all the items for a project together so that date changes cascade through downstream events. You’ll find instructions here: add cascading events to DayBack for FileMaker.

Add This to Your DayBack: In-App Update

This feature is available as an in-app update to DayBack and doesn’t require any FileMaker changes if you’re already using the latest DayBack Calendar. If you’re new to in-app updates, or it’s been a while since you used them, here’s an overview: in-app updates in DayBack.

If you’ve purchased DayBack Calendar on a monthly or yearly subscription, you have access to in-app updates for the life of your subscription. But if you bought DayBack outright, your included updates end after the first year.

Not to worry, when your first year ends, you can subscribe to in-app updates here: extend your updates.



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