Unicode Emojis in Calendar Events

DayBack Calendar lets you style your events with colors, icons, and custom CSS. This means you can make a visual sense of even an extremely dense and complex schedule.

For example, you can add Font Awesome icons to the summary of any event. While Font Awesome icons are great for many solutions, they look flat and you have to specify their color in the CSS. Some people want fancier looking icons, and Unicode emojis work great for that!

Here’s an example of a calendar where items with a status that starts with “Paused” have a pause icon at the beginning of the summary, and those in a “Done” status have a party emoji icon:

Emoji Calendar Icons for FileMaker

Since these icons are part of the Unicode character set, you can add many of them directly into your event summary calculation using FileMaker’s “Char” function. Others that don’t work in FileMaker can still work in the web viewer calendar by adding a <dbk-css> element and referring to a custom CSS class for the icon.

Instructions on adding Unicode emoji characters to your DayBack solution can be found in the documentation here.

If you’re feeling adventurous, leave a comment showing off your use of fancy icons in your DayBack solution!

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  • Jean-Francois

    On my Win10 PC, I don’t see the colored emoji icon, I see the 2D version of it, juste the trace line, and if I add the color: rgb(x,x,x) attribute it will be applied to it, just like the font awesome.

    Is this a Win10, Edge browser or FM17 problem ??

    Any work around ?


    • KC Embrey

      Good question, Jean-Francois.

      Emojis are not as consistent across operating systems and browsers. In this case, the issue is that Internet Explorer doesn’t support a lot of the newer emojis, or doesn’t display them in full color. Unfortunately, FileMaker always uses Internet Explorer for web viewers on Windows machines.

      You can open this site in Internet Explorer to look through emojis and verify what they will look like in a web viewer on Windows before adding the code to your copy of DayBack: https://www.iemoji.com/view/emoji



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