FileMaker Maps – Swap Container Fields for Google Street View

Love this mod sent in by Scott Walker at NMR Group, Inc. Scott wanted to replace the container field image for each address with a Google Street View of the same address inside ProMaps. Great idea!

Scott did this with a quick change to the calc field “gm_MapData” that’s added to your properties table in ProMaps. In that calc, replace this…

Let (
sc_propertyImage =
Case (
not IsEmpty ( GetValue (sc_dataArray ; 8) ) ;
GetValue (sc_dataArray ; 9) ;
not IsEmpty (GetValue (sc_dataArray ; 10)) ;
Case (
not IsEmpty (sc_propertyImage) ;
“<img src=\”” & “[[tempPath]]” & sc_propertyImage & “\” />”
) &

… with this:

“<img src=\”×150&location=” & AddressString & “&key=” & MapSettings::GoogleAPIKey & “\” />”

The calc above references “MapSettings::GoogleAPIKey” and it’s likely that your properties table doesn’t have a relationship to MapSettings. So try making a relationship there, making MapSettings::GoogleAPIKey a global field, or using your API key in that calc instead of the field containing it.

That’s it!

Once you’re no longer using the container field images you can also disable the script which exports them to the temp folder on start up =) To do so,  disable all the lines in the script “Load Thumbnails”. Big thanks to Scott and NMR Group, Inc. for sharing this!

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  • Corey

    Note: The ‘Street View Static API’ must be enabled for your API key in order for this to work

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