Next for FileMaker Go: Mapping

Pleased to announce that our latest template for FileMaker Go is nearly ready to ship… GoMaps lets you visualize found sets on a map, with full control over the pop-over contents, including showing photos from your records right in the map. Click on a pin to see the pop-over; click again to jump to that record in your own layout.

Unlocked and already plumbed for offline access with GoZync, our sync engine for FileMaker.


We’re proud to say that FileMaker has chosen GoMaps as one of their iOS Showcase Applications. Congrats to Tanner Ellen and Lisette Wilson for all their hard work!

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  • barbara

    will you be able to map a delivery route, and use popups for phone numbers or notes?

    • Phone numbers and notes in the pop-up are no problem and something you can configure in Setup / Popover. The popover doesn’t have a ton of room, though, so if you have a lot of notes you may want to add a button to jump to the notes in a FileMaker Go layout. Delivery routes are not built in but something we could add for you as a customization.

      • Send me a note at support @ and we’ll get the details about your routing and get you an estimate for it. Thanks!

      • barbara

        i dont anticipate more than a phone number and a few words. this will be done on an ipad probably… what would be the cost of adding a route maker? addresses would be drawn from contacts…

  • Patricia Schiffman

    Congratulation looking forward to exploring the app

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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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