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Salesforce has an analog to the FileMaker web viewer called “Canvas”. If you’re building JavaScript widgets for FileMaker’s web viewer you may be interested to know that running your code in Salesforce is parallel to what you’re doing in the web viewer for FileMaker.

This is how we brought DayBack Calendar to Salesforce, and it means we can rev the app a lot more quickly than Salesforce packages that are entirely native, just as we can introduce new features to our FileMaker customers without them having to re-integrate the calendar.

Working in Salesforce definitely reminds you how good we have it as FileMaker developers, but it’s nice to know that web apps you build for FileMaker can work in other ecosystems.

Documentation for canvas apps is scattered all over the Salesforce docs, so Jason has put together a Canvas App Starter Kit for JS developers looking to bring their web app to Salesforce.

In some ways this stater kit is like SQLexplorer for Salesforce: there is even a light SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) explorer built into the kit.

And, like SQLexplorer, publishing this starter kit is Jason’s way of giving back some of what he’s learned.

The Canvas App Starter Kit is open source, MIT licensed, so if you’d like to use it, change it, or improve on it, please do. The main example file is done in Angular and we look forward to versions in other frameworks or using node instead of PHP.


[ba-button link=”” color=”Yellow” target=”blank”]  See what DayBack looks like in Salesforce  [/ba-button]

[ba-button link=”” color=”Yellow” target=”blank”]  Check out the starter kit  [/ba-button]

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