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A JavaScript Approach to FileMaker Custom Web Publishing

February 4, 2015

This is the beginning of a new, open source project to create a lightweight wrapper for FileMaker Custom Web Publishing designed for use in JavaScript applications. Background: DayBack The release of DayBack for FileMaker last month has started a very exciting time for us here at SeedCode! Bringing the Calendar to a new code base and seeing […]

March 23, 2013

Cool and provocative video by Todd Geist showing how he incorporates unit testing into a new project: Unit Testing in FileMaker. Nice stuff.

March 13, 2013

I’ve had some small pre-FileMaker experience with SQL and had it in my head that subqueries work in the FROM clause.  They do in MySQL etc, so I was frustrated when I couldn’t get that to work in FileMaker’s SQL as it’s really needed in some cases. In a current project we have a case […]

March 12, 2013

Had a chance to catch up with Angelo Luchi at Pause On Error and was very impressed with what he has planned for Foxtail Labs. “Labs” is a suite of hosted APIs that let FileMaker developers employ techniques that previously required plugins. The first lab involves using URLs to generate bar codes: vey useful for apps […]

March 3, 2013

If you’re using SQL in your FM12 work, you’re in luck. Jason has released a new version of SQLexplorer that writes queries which survive field renaming. It will also apply this abstraction to queries you simply type in there (vs ones you build with the wizard). Big step forward. Still free and unlocked, the new […]

February 25, 2013

The public-facing website SeedCode created for Blueprint Capitol was recently featured on UrbnLivn as a way for savvy Seattle home buyers to find new construction projects before they’re listed on the MLS. The site uses FileMaker Pro and PHP to publish new projects, renderings, and photos from Blueprint’s ERP system to a slick, searchable public […]

February 21, 2013

Pleased to announce that our latest template for FileMaker Go is nearly ready to ship… GoMaps lets you visualize found sets on a map, with full control over the pop-over contents, including showing photos from your records right in the map. Click on a pin to see the pop-over; click again to jump to that […]

February 20, 2013

Very psyched to see the schedule for Pause on Error coming together! Just recorded a podcast with Matt Navarre of FileMaker Talk about all we’re looking forward to. Check it out: And stay in touch by following pauseonerror on twitter.

January 3, 2013

In our last few GoZync deployments we’ve noticed folks frequently need to pull some related data down to the mobile file, but don’t want (or need) to sync the whole related table. Let’s say you want to get a customer’s credit limit on your iPhone but don’t want to sync the (massive) invoices table that […]

December 18, 2012

The first of a series of small templates built around GoZync. TimeZync has finally shipped. Most firms have a very hard time capturing billable time and TimeZync can help. It may be the fastest way to log time into a FileMaker solution. And it works offline, so folks can enter time wherever, whenever. Here is […]


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Stay up to date with the latest news & examples from SeedCode

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