Beautiful Calendar Mod from Koni Solutions

Here is a beautiful mod of DayBack Calendar by Denisa Myrta of Koni Solutions. Koni builds a vertical market app for the construction industry, and the whole app is gorgeous. Here are a few screenshots from the customizations they made to DayBack:

A custom theme for DayBack Calendar

I love the black styling they’ve added to the sidebar and the unambiguous use of icons and highlight colors. (If you’d like to add colored icons to your copy of DayBack, you’ll find detailed instructions here’s an overview with links to detailed instructions: adding text styles, colors, and icons to DayBack.)

DayBack Calendar in the Construction Industry

Koni Solutions was founded a year and a half ago in Toronto,  with the goal of serving the construction industry. CEO and founder, Arthur Kola, owns a successful roofing company in the Greater Toronto area and decided to build a team of programmers trying to tackle every detail of running a construction business smoothly. Here’s how Arthur sees DayBack fitting into their product:

DayBack calendar has been an excellent tool for us giving our product an edge when it comes to scheduling quotation and inspection appointments, ongoing projects, scheduling different crews in house and subcontractors, ordering materials, employee attendance schedules, and to do lists.

We did work very hard on giving a new modern user interface and when it comes to relationships like changing the status of customers which is very important to a trade.

Here are some more screenshots of their work:

FileMaker Layout in DayBack Calendar
Using their own FileMaker layout for items in DayBack Calendar
Icons in DayBack Calendar for FileMaker
Event Colors and Icons
DayBack Calendar on iPhone in FileMaker Gi
Single-day resource scheduling on iPhone in FileMaker Go (multi-day views available)

[ba-box background=”#232a69″ border=”#180300″ textcolor=”#fff”]

Koni does goegeous work; big thanks to Denisa Myrta and Arthur Kola from Koni for including DayBack in their app and letting us show off their designs.


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